We make branded documentaries: a straight path to deep, genuine emotional engagement through the power of story.

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The Power of Nonfiction

Purpose-driven brands are sitting on a wealth of story potential: genuine, untapped tales emanating from the unmistakable energy that only living, breathing characters can convey. In a world of savvy audiences who demand genuine communication, why not take advantage of your most precious asset: authenticity.

Precision Storytelling

The word "story" has become somewhat of a catch-phrase the past few years. But story is not just a magic label that you can place on any idea. It's a specific narrative strategy, a conscious arrangement of information in order to generate empathy and spark emotional engagement. When done right, it inspires, motivates and yes, entertains.

Authenticity & Certainty

We are guided by two single ideals: authenticity of content and certainty of outcome. We anchor our filmmaking process around one goal: unearthing the right set of characters and circumstances as a way of tapping into a human experience that enhances a specific brand’s values.

A filmmaker's heart,
A marketer's mind

Our team brings to the table a unique combination: years of experience in both the documentary filmmaking and branding worlds. We know how to craft great nonfiction stories. But we also understand bottom-line goals. Through a methodology that reverses the storytelling process and embraces the client as an integral part of it, the stories we produce help brands communicate their core values while building a strong emotional bond with their audience.

Our Vision

We're a boutique studio - a new initiative of The Story Studio - that believes in the unique power of non-fiction storytelling. We specialize in highly sophisticated, short form, branded documentary content. We work both as creative studio and production company, directly with clients or in partnership with other creative agencies.

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